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(Rental) bike and helmet

For a cycling holiday, you can bring your own bike or hire one from us. For destinations that you want to reach by train, we recommend that you book a hire bike. It can be difficult to take your own bike on international trains, so you cannot book a train ticket for your bike with us. For safety reasons, we recommend that you wear a cycle helmet.

The rental bike

The rental bikes are robust and you can set off without any problems. Sometimes they are our property and are maintained by a local specialist. In other cases, a bike shop or bike hire company is the owner.

We normally offer rental bikes with normal handlebars, panniers, lock and pump. The operator may ask for a deposit.

In most places we choose 24-speed bikes with derailleur gears, on flatter tours 3 to 8-speed bikes with hub gears.


You can hire an electric bike on all cycle tours. You don't necessarily cycle faster on an e-bike, but it is always easier. Of course, not the whole group has to hire an e-bike.

Tools and repairs

We recommend that you bring a repair kit and your own tools. You are expected to be able to patch tyres and carry out simple repairs yourself. This is particularly important in more remote areas where there are hardly any bike mechanics and you can only contact our representatives in the event of a serious breakdown.

Test the rental bike before you leave. For example, the brakes may be differently adjusted compared to your own bike.

The rental bike will be ready for you on the first day and you return it the evening before departure or early in the morning on the day of departure.


You are liable for any damage to or theft of the rental bike. Check with your travel insurance to see whether it covers damage. If you are not (properly) insured, you are liable for damage or loss. You can take out special bicycle insurance with us, both for your own bike and for your hire bike.

Flying with your own bike

If you take your bike with you on the plane, you will usually have to pay extra at the airport for the bike and possibly the bike box. Most airlines require the bike to be packed.

You can ask for a bike box at a bike shop. The cost of transporting your bike on the plane is around €80, but can vary depending on the airline. Ask our staff.

The bicycle helmet

In recent years, more and more cyclists are wearing a helmet.

A cycle helmet may be desirable if you are travelling in hilly areas. Sometimes wearing a cycle helmet is a legal requirement, although this is not always enforced, for example in Spain.

Take extra care when travelling downhill; an accident can always happen. A cycle helmet can offer you protection.