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About Happy Cycling Holidays

We want to offer you a great holiday. For more than 35 years, we have specialised in cycling holidays. We offer more than 60 individual cycling holidays throughout Europe, with route descriptions, maps, GPS tracks and navigation app.

Luggage transport for our trips is of course organised for you. As a rule, you stay in hotels that are not too big; we usually choose small hotels. Of course, you can also book a (electric) rental bike for almost all our cycling tours if you wish.

Would you like to start your holiday on a different day, or would you like to book an extra night, do you not want half board or do you have another wish that you don't immediately find in the tour description? What sets us apart from others is that we listen to your special wishes and make every effort to fulfil them.

Our itineraries

Our tours are characterised by the fact that almost all our tours are prepared and described by our own staff. You get comprehensive first-hand information. A guarantee for quality! For some tours, we have taken the itineraries from our local agent; however, we only do this if we have made all or part of the tour ourselves, so we know the descriptions are correct.


Fortunately, tourism has become increasingly environmentally conscious in recent years. Enjoying beautiful surroundings is an essential part of a cycling holiday.

Sustainability policy of Happy Cycling Holidays

As a tour operator in the field of cycling holidays within Europe, Happy Cycling Holidays also wants to contribute to promoting 'sustainable tourism'. Our target group generally consists of people who respect nature. Therefore it is also in our interest to keep nature as pristine as possible.

Since 1986, we have been committed to eco-friendly tourism on a small scale. We often choose to cycle in non-touristy areas and respect the local economy, nature and culture as much as possible.

This is why we support the ANVR's environmental policy and hold the Dutch DTO certificate for sustainable tourism. As a small tour operator, we can make a modest contribution to the environment by sourcing trips, distributing our magazine and including public transport in our programme as much as possible.

In the medium term, we want to realise a way of working in our company where the environmental aspect is already taken into account when purchasing a new trip.

We no longer publish a brochure; all our holidays are now only available on our website. This means we use less paper. The paper we use is FSC labelled.

Our booking system is now paperless. GPS tracks are available for almost all our tours and we recently launched a navigation app so you can cycle without paper.

In a few years, our staff will be aware of the environmental aspects of our travel product so they can actively contribute to reducing the impact on the environment.

In the coming years, we want to explicitly include the environmental aspects of our holidays in our business processes. In cooperation with our agents at home and abroad, we minimise the environmental impact of our trips as much as possible, for instance through chain monitoring. In addition, we inform our customers as much as possible about our efforts.